Cranberry and Orange Relish

Recipe from Callie's mom um, Mrs. Mattox

Hi Scott, here you go. Buy a really good zester- Cal knows what it looks like and Target should have one- it looks like a 10” metal file. They cost about $12.00 but you will have it for years and it will change your cooking life forever. You can use it for cheese or what ever needs grating and you will start adding lemon or lime zest to everything you cook. If you are too broke make Callie buy it for you and I’ll pay her back.

It’s easy to adjust this to make smaller amounts-
Makes 1 ½ quarts lasts a long time



  1. put cranberries in pot-
  2. zest oranges and lemon add to sugar- mix well- Julia Child says to pulverize it in a blender but you really don’t have to as long as you mix well and let sit for a few minutes- put in pot
  3. juice oranges (1½ cups) add water or more orange juice if needed- juice lemon pour over berries
  4. add ginger stir all together
  5. bring to a bubbly boil- turn down heat a bit and watch it- berries will start to burst- kind of push them down to move them around stir gently-
  6. boil about 5 minutes - turn pot off and wait ½ hour to cool- stir gently several times- they will thicken and get jelly like- take a taste to adjust sugar- should be tart not sweet but you may need to add some- stir in raisins/walnuts if you want- if you get Ziploc containers you each can bring some home for Thanksgiving except Cal won’t need any-

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